Because coaches operate differently, so do we.

Swimming coaches are special individuals. 

Our nonprofit membership organization for swim coaches, the International Swim Coaches Association, has organized and hosted wonderful events throughout its ten-plus years.

Events include:

  • swim meets (short-course, long-course, open water),
  • in-person educational conferences where coaches and sport-scientists gather,
  • virtual experiences, and
  • online learning with and ebook resources.

ISCA's many online services include courses, ebooks, product features and various community building endeavors.

Creating value for our members and partners through our unique style of delivery.

Partnerships and Sponsors

The ISCA partners and sponsors are listed on the main website,

Additional sponsors are welcome to join us.

Step 1

Be certain to subscribe yourself onto the ISCA Newsletter. You can opt out at any time, as newsletters are delivered via Constant Contact. 

Step 2

Follow the ISCA event schedule and try to sign-up for a future meet. Stay awake as the meets in 2021 filled quickly and the waiting list grew to 40+ teams.

Step 3

Become a member of ISCA by paying $75 for an annual membership. The funds help to support the operations and grant you access to the Global Library for ISCA Members hosted at

Step 4

Hook up with ISCA's other sites and ISCA's social media offerings such as with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo and YouTube. Plus, the ISCA blog.

Step 5

Check out the products and services that are featured at this site in the shop. You are here now!

Step 6

Eddie Eagle making a point.

Check out this course for yourself and then get your team's youngsters and their guardians access to Mental Skills for Young Athletes

Steps to how we work

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