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  • Click the button above and you can apply to become an affiliate with ISCA. 
  • You'll fill out the form on the SendOwl site, as that service handles the transactions and the back-end accounting process.
  • Once established, you'll be able to make a commission on the sales that are referred to ISCA for the various products and services.
  • Specific web links, email links and other buttons for your use are going to be generated. Then, when one of your contacts becomes a customer by using the link, you'll get credit for the sales and earn a commission.
  • Generally, commissions are paid on a monthly basis from ISCA to you.
  • The link that is sent to your contacts includes a code for your affilliate account. When a possible customer comes to the site to make the sales, the cookie is activated. That cookie is in the web browser of the potential customer and it stays valid for 4-months. So, if a transaction is conducted within the four month period of the initial visit, the affiliate gets credit for the sale. 
  • Once a sales is made, or four-months have past since the last visit, the cookie is eliminated.


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