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Approaching Perfect Freestyle



The expanded version of Approaching Perfect Freestyle includes 160 pages that details optimal technique with the scientific justification.

  • Part One – The most effective freestyle technique with extensive reference to specific cues (six chapters)
  • Part Two – How to accelerate the skill-learning process – for individuals and for teams (two chapters)
  • Part Three – Analyzing and correcting technique (four chapters)
  • Part Four – The scientific basis for optimizing technique (eight chapters)
  • Part Five – The scientific basis for accelerating skill-learning (four chapters)
  • Part Six – The scientific basis for preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries (four chapters)

There are five appendices – FAQs, internet resources, cue checklist, STR research, and selected references.

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This book was prompted, in part, by the many misconceptions about freestyle technique, some of which have become “conventional wisdom.”

For example:

  • Ineffective arm synchronization (like catch-up stroke),
  • Counter productive drills (like one arm freestyle), and
  • Nonscientific analysis procedures (like adopting a technique element of a champion only because he/she swims fast).

Many reasons have contributed to the proliferation of misconceptions.

In contrast, all the technique elements presented in this book are based on principles of physics and decades of research, including thousands of trials using Aquanex (the patented force-measurement technology developed by Swimming Technology Research).

Developed with the individual swimmer in mind, this book is based on more than 30 years of research and supported by specific experience in coaching (from age group to college level), consulting with domestic and international swim teams, and the author’s work with individual swimmers at every performance level (from beginners to world record holders).


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