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Cardio Fitness ebook


Comes to you in a PDF link. Simple, straight ahead book content. The best value in this eBook comes when coaches and teachers deploy it to all the athletes and students in a classroom or team meeting setting. Ideal for ages 10 to 15. The eBook can offer structure to some teaching moments as a baseline text.


Cardio Fitness ebook

Live a Healthier and Fitter Life Through Cardio Training

A know-all, short report on the foundations of cardio fitness.

Use suggestions:

Coaches of any sport, camp leaders, Physical Education Teachers and Health Teachers could use this ebook for students from grades 4 to 9 as a baseline for discussions. Share the book with your cooperative learning groups. Put students into groups, perhaps with two to five per group, and assign a chapter to each group. Every student could read the 20+ ebook, but the students in the group could present and expand upon their assigned chapter. 

Have the small groups pick roles for themselves to include a group presenter, a graphic chart maker, an illustrator / photographer, a researcher to uncover citations, quiz maker, and whatever else you and they decide upon. Short skits could be performed by the various groups in the course of a few sessions. 

Wrap up discussions could prove to be valuable for getting the students and athletes onto the same page with the teachers and coaches. Team quizzes, perhaps in a game-show format could make for interactive learning that stretch the scope of each chapter. Check for understanding following presentations.  

Giving each group one section to present to the whole team, adding in illustrations and demonstrations,  citing resources and wrap-up quiz could serve teams well for structured time out of pool and off the court or field. Adapt to a swimming environment, or else to your specific sports of choice. 

Cardio Fitness ebook cover with ISCA

Table of Contents

Introduction, page 4

Cardio Training Management, page 5

Stretching The Body Is Important, page 7

Choosing Your Fitness Gear, page 9

Health and Fitness Essentials – The Cardio-Vascular Workout, page 11

Is Your Cardio Routine Doing More Harm Than Good, page 15

Cardio Training Is Exercising The Brain, page 19

Watching Your Weight Management, page 21

Watching Your Nutrition, page 23


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