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  • Primer for Swimming Coaches. Volume 1: Physiological Foundations

Primer for Swimming Coaches. Volume 1: Physiological Foundations

It has been 12 years since the author published the 3rd edition of the Swimming Faster series and time has not stood still. Research has continued at a rapid pace, using increasingly sophisticated methodology to improve our knowledge of the training process. In this book, the author shares what he learned with members of the competitive swimming community throughout the world.

The title of this book was changed to reflect his purpose in writing it. It is a source for coaches and athletes to improve their knowledge of the scientific aspects of training. It should also help readers become familiar with the sometimes confusing terms used by sports scientists so they can read the results of their studies with understanding. Furthermore, this book informs the readers’ enough in the areas of physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology as they pertain to the training of athletes. It is the author’s hope that they will be able to evaluate the validity of that research and decide for themselves if it has merit. Finally, this book provides the readers’ with the knowledge to apply the information they gain to their own unique training environments. This is so they will not have to copy the training of successful coaches without understanding why it was beneficial and how it might be modified to become even more useful within their surroundings.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1. Neuromuscular Physiology
  • Chapter 2. The Role of Respiration in Swimming Performance
  • Chapter 3. The Roles of Circulation and Hormones in Swimming Performance
  • Chapter 4. Energy Metabolism for Swimmers
  • Chapter 5. What Causes Muscular Fatigue
  • Chapter 6. Training Theory
  • Chapter 7. Training Specifics
  • Chapter 8. Season Planning
  • Chapter 9. Monitoring Training
  • Chapter 10. The Taper
  • Chapter 11. Training Female Swimmers
  • Chapter 12. Training Age Group Swimmers
  • Chapter 13. Training Masters Swimmers
  • Index

Ebook was $110. Now, via ISCA, price is $50. Each volume of the series is $50.


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